Design and Manufacturing

Model Design

Custom design of unique rc airplanes. Jeff's workshop focuses on unique models, especially multi engines planes and airliners.

Model production

In-house production on CNC milling machine and CNC laser cutter. 3D printing of parts, pilote figures and accessories

Custom manufacturing

I will soon offer custom cutting services on a 80W CO2 laser cutter and 3D printing of parts up to 400x400x400mm volume.
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A few words

about Jeff's workshop

It all started some years ago (in 2003) when I put online a homepage called At this time the notion of online community was still new, there was no Facebook neither Youtube, an building a home site was the best way to share my designs with the RC enthusiast community.
I made my models freely available in CAD and PDF format and some of them like the Airbus 320 or the Beaver DHC2 became truly popular. I guess there are dozens of rc Airbus A320 models built from these plans, and probably more depron Beaver DHC2 still flying today.
At the time I often received requests from modelers asking if they could buy a kit for these planes. I did in fact produce a few Airbus 320 for friends with my CNC router, but it would not have been viable to launch a commercial production on a small homemade CNC machine.
Still, I knew there were passionate modelers looking for unique kits of models that the mainstream brands do not sell.
This is how the idea of Jeff's workshop came to life. I will soon offer a small range of kits or semi-kits for models that I have designed, tested and successfully flown. You will not find here another version a Spitfire or a Mustang (although I do like both of them a lot) but rather special models like the Airbus 320, a large Avro RJ85 (2m15 wingspan) and other custom designs that are on the building table, like the Tupolev 154. The still popular and easy to fly Beaver DHC2 will also be available as a small depron kit.

radio-controlled electric Canadair CL415
radio-controlled twin fans Airbus 320
Radio-controlled electric Beaver DHC-2

Ongoing project

Twin edf scale Tupolev 154

CAD view, Tupolev 154

The mighty Tupolev 154 airliner is my next rc-build project.
The whole plane was modeled in Autodesk Fusion 360 to produce the fabrication parts. For this plane I use hybrid construction techniques, mixing balsa and plywood for the structure with depron to sheet the plane body. 3D printing comes in use for the more complex parts like the engine nacelles, flaps fairing or the front section of the plane.
More about this project soon. Stay tuned!

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